September 1st Notes - September 1st Notes Lincoln 1. He is...

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September 1 st Notes Lincoln 1. He is known for the Draft, because the constitution does not say he can draft anyone but his view is that the draft was acceptable because it was a national emergency, and the constitution says Congress can do as necessary to raise an army. 2. Also known for the Emancipation Proclamation, he has taken it upon himself to free the slaves in areas where the rebellion continues. He’s taking private property and he’s not going to compensate the southern slave owners because they are in a rebellion against this country and anything done to win the war is permissible. 3. Also known for the Morrill Act , the federal government is going to give the states a certain amount of federal territory they are to use it to sell part of it in order to generate funds to build state universities, this is where state Universities began. The federal government is saying that it is the federal government’s responsibility to establish state universities. 4. He introduces the income tax in order to pay for the civil war. He gets rid of the income tax at the end of the war because now the emergency is over. 5. The closing of courts and the suspension of habeas corpus, you’re trying civilians in front of military courts until the Civil War is over. You had the government going after people who were against the union in the war and trying them in military courts. They were being tried for political crimes but for Lincoln this was not wrongdoing because he was preserving the union. Andrew Johnson 1. He was a Democrat who was put on Lincoln’s ticket in order to balance the ticket out 2. He was also a southern Racist from Tennessee to him the war was fought to preserve the union he agreed with that, but he could not agree with the abolition of slavery. 3. He was a drunk, poorly educated with a hot temper. He is going to halt this increase in presidential powers. Grant
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September 1st Notes - September 1st Notes Lincoln 1. He is...

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