The Presidency 9-22-11

The Presidency 9-22-11 - The Presidency 9-22-11 A)...

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The Presidency 9-22-11 A) “Properties” of public opinion- How public opinion is shaped because what is important is the collective opinion of everyone together. These opinions are in order. 1. Salience- most prominent, it talks about the promise of the issue, Immigration, jobs, the economy, those are all salience topics but they are not important at the same time. Over time the salience of one issue will increase as the salience of another decrease. 2. Scope- scope refers to the number of people with an opinion on a particular topic. 3. Direction- a reference to how the opinions are divided, how many people are in favor or opposed to capital punishment. 4. Distribution- I’m in favor or I’m strongly in favor it specifies the range of opinions. I’m opposed instead of I’m neutral. Research shows that People who are strongly in favor or opposed, it is very difficult to change their opinions. 5. Segmentation- You’re dividing up the responses to your polling based on demographics. (College educated, non college educated) (Female, Male). Americans have Low Level political knowledge, Americans are self absorbed, we tend to be materialistic, we also like to be entertained, and we have an appetite for the most graphic materials that in other societies you would never find it on television. 4 Bias of Americans: Like scandals, the media emphasizes conflict, bad news bias of T.V (don’t give us the good news give us the bad news), Trivia (it’s too much dependent on image and not on substance). B)
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The Presidency 9-22-11 - The Presidency 9-22-11 A)...

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