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1. Decision making Conventional Wisdom – what most people assume to be true (when you assume, you make an …. .). Questioning and researching conventional wisdom – decisions made on reality rather than on socially accepted beliefs. Perspective – a particular point of view. We do not realize how our perspective is skewed by our experiences. Sociology is the scientific study of social structure – not social behavior --- what is the difference. Sociological Perspective – focus on the patterns of behavior shared by members of a group or society. (Mean Girls book) Social Structure – the patterned interaction of people in social relationships.
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Unformatted text preview: Synergy – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts Durkheim – people act differently in groups than they would by themselves . All groups encourage conformity Eating habits, dress, attitudes toward family life – these change due to family structure, then peer structure, than national structure. What about religion – what affects religious beliefs? Why conform? Members have been taught to value the group’s ways. Social imagination – C. Wright Mills – the ability of individuals to see the relationship between events in their personal lives and events in their society....
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