6 - childbirth wrinkles 9 Misguided Foolish and Callous...

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6) Conflict of Interest - A physician may make hidden income by choosing one course of treatment instead of another or by referring a patient to a hospital, pharmacy, or medical supply company of which he or she is part owner. Some drug companies pay physicians to go on golf outings and river cruises. Others award doctors all- expense-paid trips to conferences. Such conflicts of interest make it difficult to know if a doctor has based a course of action on the patient’s best interest or on the best interest of the doctor. 7) Medical Fraud - Two million Medicare claims are filed each day. Many physicians and medical suppliers have been guilty of outrageous fraud. 8) The Medicalization of Society - Sociologists use the term medicalization to refer to the process of turning something that was not previously considered a medical issue into a medical matter (e.g., acne, anxiety, depression, balding, weight, small breasts, penile dysfunction,
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Unformatted text preview: childbirth, wrinkles) 9) Misguided, Foolish, and Callous Medical Experiments- At times, physicians and government officials behave so arrogantly that they callously disregard the health of the people they are sworn to protect (e.g., The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, The Cold War Experiments). 10) Sexism in Medicine- On average, women outlive men by about six years. This difference is largely a result of how U.S. culture defines masculinity; because males are encouraged to be more individualistic and aggressive, they are at a higher risk for accidents, violence, and suicide.- However, the health of women is harmed by their subordinate standing to men. Women have been traditionally ignored by medical researchers, and for years research on health issues was conducted on male subjects only.- Physicians don’t always take women’s health complaints as seriously as they do men’s.- Bias against women’s reproductive orders...
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6 - childbirth wrinkles 9 Misguided Foolish and Callous...

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