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11 - in sexual or religious matters They see the world in...

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1. Stereotypes A stereotype is a mental image which assumes that whatever is believed about a group is typical for the entire group. Stereotypical thinking is unavoidable in social life and it is not automatically bad. "The essence of prejudicial thinking, however, is that the stereotype is not checked against reality. It is not modified by experiences that counter the rigid image (Robertson, 1989:202). 2. Authoritarian Personalities Theodore Adorno contends that many prejudiced people have a distinct set of personality traits centered on conformity, intolerance, and insecurity. The authoritarian personality is submissive to authority. They tend to be anti-intellectual and anti-scientific. They are disturbed by ambiguities
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Unformatted text preview: in sexual or religious matters. They see the world in very rigid and stereotypical terms. The authoritarian personality develops within the family environment. Parents are themselves "cold, aloof, strict disciplinarians, and are themselves bigots" (see Farley, 1995). 3. Scapegoating Scapegoating occurs when one blames one's troubles on someone else who is relatively powerless. This may occur when one group feels threatened, but are themselves powerless to act against the actual source of the threat. 4. Social Environment All of the above are rather psychological. There is also the social context. Our attitudes and behaviors are learned within a social context....
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