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According to Howard Becker

According to Howard Becker - group members who seek to...

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According to Howard Becker, entering a deviant career is similar in many ways to entering any other occupation. The primary difference is the labeling that goes with a deviant career. Public labeling of people as deviant and their acceptance or rejection of that label are crucial factors in determining whether or not a person stays in a deviant career. Symbolic interactionists suggest that the need of men to validate their sexual prowess or reaffirm their masculinity is an important factor in their seeking out prostitutes The Conflict Perspective The conflict perspective highlights the relationship between power in society and sex work. The laws that make prostitution illegal are created by powerful dominant
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Unformatted text preview: group members who seek to maintain cultural dominance by criminalizing sexual conduct that they consider immoral or in bad taste. Conflict theorists argue that women become prostitutes because of structural factors such as economic inequality and patriarchy. Capitalism and patriarchy foster economic inequality between men and women and force women to view their bodies as commodities. Conflict theorists suggest that criminalizing prostitution uniquely affects poor women, especially poor women of color, who are overrepresented among street prostitutes....
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