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According to Kingsley Davis, in societies that have restrictive norms governing sexual conduct—including the United States—prostitution will always exist because it serves important functions: Prostitution provides quick, impersonal sexual gratification that does not require emotional attachment or a continuing relationship with another person Prostitution provides a sexual outlet for men who do not have ongoing sexual relationships because they are not married or have heavy work schedules It provides people with the opportunity to engage in sexual practices (e.g., multiple sex partners, fellatio, cunnilingus, anal intercourse, sadomasochism) that regular sex partners or spouses may view as distasteful or immoral
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Unformatted text preview: Prostitution protects the family as a social institution by making a distinction between “bad girls” and “bad boys”—with whom one engages in promiscuous sexual behavior—and those “good girls” and “good boys” with whom one establishes a family Prostitution benefits the economy by providing jobs for people who have limited formal education and job skills The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective The symbolic interactionist perspective examines people’s lived experiences to determine such things as why people become prostitutes, whether prostitutes like their work, and why men seek out prostitutes—in short, how people define social realities....
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