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Alternatives to prison - considered important within a...

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Alternatives to prison Combination of prison and probation – designed to shock offenders to the reality of prison life. Half-way houses and community based programs – gets prisoners out of prison for part of the day. Diversion strategy – referral to community based treatment program rather than a prison program. Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity Section one Minority, Race and Ethnicity Characteristics of a minority: 1. distinctive physical or cultural characteristics which can be used to separate it from the majority. 2. the minority is dominated by the majority – the majority has an unequal share of desired goods, services and privileges. 3. Minority traits are often believed by the dominant majority to be inferior. 4. Members of the minority have a common sense of identity, with strong group loyalty. (we vs. they) 5. The majority determines who belongs to the minority through ascribed status – you become a member of the minority group at birth. Members of a race share certain biologically inherited physical characteristics that are
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Unformatted text preview: considered important within a society. There are three races: Negroid, Mongoloid, and Caucasian. Biological classifications of race are arbitrary and misleading – members of different races share markers of other races. There are no pure races Ethnicity—a cultural and national identity. Ethnic Minority – unique characteristics related to culture or nationality. Subculture defined by its own language, religion, values, beliefs, norms and customs. It is part of the majority system. There is a separation between the two groups either because the subgroup chooses to maintain cultural and national origins, or because the majority erects barriers that prevent the ethnic group from blending in with the larger culture. Ethnocentrism can lead to members of the majority considering the members of ethnic minorities to be inferior since they behave in ways that go against the majority’s conception of appropriate methods of behaving....
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