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Asian Americans Asian Americans comprise 4% of US population. Asian Americans have fared poorly in US history, but have done well in the last 40 years. Asian Americans have used the educational system to advance. Over 42% of Asian Americans have completed 4 years or more of college compared to 25% or whites and 10% of Latinos. Other Groups Various groups have been discriminated against in US History. Some have turned towards racism to preserve their cultural identity, while other groups have assimilated into the larger white American culture. Inequalities of Gender Section 1 Sex and Gender Identity Defining Male and Female – if men and women behave differently, it is assumed to be because of their sex. Sex is the biological distinction between male and female. Biological determinism –the belief that behavioral differences are the result of inherited
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Unformatted text preview: physical characteristics. This theory lacks scientific definable proof. Male and female children are treated differently from the moment of birth. Girls and boys learn to behave as their parents expect. Gender identity – an awareness of being masculine or feminine based on culture. Nature vs. Nurture debate applies to definitions of masculinity and feminity Biological differences between the sexes: Muscle to bone ratios How fat is stored Reproductive organs Brains in men and women are slightly different in structure Men have more activity in region of the brain tied to aggression Women have more activity in region tied to emotional expression Women tend to use both sides of the brain at the same time – men use one side at a time – improves focus, but miss other cues....
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