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Biological and Social Meaning of Race

Biological and Social Meaning of Race - Biological and...

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Biological and Social Meaning of Race • The idea of biological race is based on the mistaken notion of a genetically isolated human group. Applying pure racial types to humans is problematic because of interbreeding; despite continuing prejudice about Black-White marriages, a large number of Whites have African American ancestry. Due to people’s frequent migration, exploration, and invasions, pure genetic types have not existed for some time, if they ever did. • Skin color among African Americans varies tremendously, as it does among White Americans. • If we grouped people by genetic resistance to malaria and by fingerprint patterns, Norwegians and many Africans groups would be of the same race. • If we grouped people by some digestive capacities, some Africans, Asians, and southern Europeans would be of one group and West Africans and northern Europeans of another. • Although race does not distinguish humans from one another biologically, it is an important concept because of the social meaning people have attached to it. Race is
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