Conflict Theory and Deviance

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Conflict Theory and Deviance Conflict Theorists state that deviance is behavior that is seen as threatening to those in power. Therefore the rich and powerful use their positions to determine which acts are deviant and how deviants should be punished. Ways that society defends itself against deviants: 1. Critics of economic, political, and social order are labeled deviant Ex. Hippie, liberal 2. Since society requires a willing workforce, those who do not work are deviant. Ex. Artists, actors 3. Those who threaten private property – especially that of the rich – need to be punished. 4. Those who do not respect authority are treated as deviants. Ex. Civil rights protestors, union organizers, Erin Brockovich 5. Behaviors that encourage competition, achievement, and teamwork are encouraged. Ex. Team sports, cooperative learning (hidden agenda). Race, Ethnicity and Crime Conflict theorists believe that minorities receive unequal treatment in the American criminal justice system. African-Americans and Latinos are more likely than whites to be convicted, and are given longer
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