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Conflict Theory • Maquila exploit the environment--only about 1/3 of Mexican laws comply – Hazardous waste is not disposed of properly – Companies can pull out over night in Mexico • Conflict theorists want to know who benefits from the program – The owners of production, or capitalists benefit from the Maquila system. Symbolic Interaction • How do people define reality through interaction with each other • George Herbert Mead, Charles Horton Cooley and Herbert Blumer – Concerned with how the self develops, how people attach meanings to things, and how
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Unformatted text preview: the meanings change through time and interaction Symbolic Interaction • Symbol --any kind of physical phenomenon to which people assign a name, meaning or value • Symbolic interaction --people use those symbols to communicate and interact with each other – People decide what things will mean – Society shares a symbol system Symbolic Interaction • Interpretation of symbols requires an active process—the purpose of a wedding ring has meaning beyond the actual ring • They advocate a down to earth research approach • Study human interaction first-hand by immersing one in the social world...
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