Corporate Megamergers

Corporate Megamergers - Time ; Turner Network Television;...

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Corporate Megamergers Media concentration refers to the tendency of the media industries to cluster together in groups with the goal of enhancing profitability. Examples of big media conglomerates include: News Corp – includes Avon Books; British Sky Broadcasting; Fox Broadcasting Company; Fox News Channel; Fox Television Stations; FX Networks; HarperCollins; Los Angeles Dodgers; New York Post ; William Morrow Publishing AOL Time Warner – includes America Online; Atlanta Braves; Atlanta Hawks; Book of the Month Club; Cartoon Network; CNN; Sports Illustrated ; Fortune ; In Style ; Little, Brown and Company; New Line Cinema; Parenting ; People ; Southern Living; TBS Superstation;
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Unformatted text preview: Time ; Turner Network Television; Warner Brothers Studio Stores; Warner Music Group; World Championship Wrestling Walt Disney – includes ABC Radio and Television Networks; Discover magazine; Disneyland Resort ; Go Network; Hyperion Books; Los Angeles magazine; Miramax Films; Walt Disney Studios; The Disney Store; Mighty Ducks of Anaheim; Anaheim Angels; Touchstone Pictures; also, partial owners of ESPN, Lifetime TV, E! Entertainment TV, and the History Channel • Many analysts believe that the convergence of the mass media has reduced the amount of message pluralism , the broad and diverse representation of opinion and culture, available to the public....
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