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Cultural Leveling Henslin (2004:51) uses cultural leveling to describe a situation in which cultures become similar to one another as a result of travel and communication . The fact that one can find a McDonalds or a Coke nearly every where in the world is an example of cultural leveling. Material Vs. Nonmaterial 1. Material Culture is easily divided into material or nonmaterial concepts (See Robertson, 1989:29). Material culture includes: weapons machines eating utensils jewelry art hair styles
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Unformatted text preview: clothing Anthropologists study material artifacts when exploring cultures which have been extinct for hundreds or thousands of years. All which remains from ancient cultures are artifacts of their material culture. 2. Nonmaterial Often Sociologists will investigate nonmaterial aspects. Nonmaterial culture refers to abstract human creations. Included in this category are: • language • gestures • values • beliefs • rules (norms) • philosophies • customs • governments • institutions...
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