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Defining Culture - Defining Culture • Think about how we...

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Defining Culture • Culture --the way of life of a group of people – That product of social interaction that is uniquely human--animals have societies – Includes all accumulated knowledge, ideas, values, goals, and material aspects – It is learned by each member – Each society is different Defining Culture • Cultural gap --differences in the way people think and behave (parents and young adult children0 • Culture shock --what happens when you are exposed to a completely new society-- living in a primitive society and then being transported to a modern/industrial society
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Unformatted text preview: Defining Culture • Think about how we describe a society – What are Russians, Chinese, English, teenagers, elderly like in a society • Who belongs to a society--bi/racial people • What characteristics define a culture. • Boundaries --people in a culture have difficulty defining where there culture begins and where it ends Defining Culture • Culture is complex • This unit will divide culture into 8 different parts • Each principle is an attempt to give you a broader view of the concept of culture...
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