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Democracy Democratic rule means that authority ultimately lies in the hands of the people. The ideal type of democracy would be a participatory or pure democracy where everyone has equal input into policy. Direct or pure democracy, however, has never existed at the level of nation-state . Societies which claim to have democratic forms of government have representative democracies. Voters elect representatives who in turn make political decisions on behalf of the voters. Stable representative democracies are found in highly industrial countries. Representative democracy, as a form of government, is recent, rare, and fragile . Historic Foundations of Democracy Chirot (1986) provides a great discussion that centers around decentralization of power as an important component that lead to the formation of democracy. Types of Democracies See Whitehead (1986) for a discussion of the differences between the goals of European democracy and the goals of American democracy (i.e., political democracy
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Unformatted text preview: vs. Social democracy). Prerequisites for Democracy Advanced Economic Development Where does one find democracy? Democracies appeared in advanced economically developed societies because: 1. A highly literate populace demands to participate in government. 2. A large middle-class acts to protect its interests through democracy. 3. The survival of democratic forms of government may depend upon continual economic growth . During periods of economic growth, even the poor feel like their lives are getting better. There is more of a feeling of camaraderie between the masses and between masses and elites. Everyone is more willing to negotiate because nearly everyone feels that their life is improving -- no one feels threatened. During periods of economic decline, however, those who control the means of authority and violence act to protect their interests. They often do so by invoking a more...
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