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Demographic Change One component is demographic change associated with changes in the age structure of the population. WHO COMMITS THE MOST CRIMES --- THE YOUNG The baby boomers have long passed from being young. Baby boomers are now over thirty years old. There are fewer young people today [as a percent of the total population] than there were 15 to 20 years ago. Since young people commit the most crimes, it is logical to expect that crime rates will drop as the population ages. (See William Julius Wilson for a demographic analysis on the African American community.) Rapid Shifts in Population There are other components that cause variation in crime rates. Rapidly growing cities have trouble keeping their police forces large enough to cope with the expanding population. One should not forget the problems associated with the "transitional neighborhood" as a cause of deviance. The Condition of the Economy There are also links to economic performance. As the economy fluctuates, so does the
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Unformatted text preview: crime rate. It makes sense that when the economy falters. Crime rates increase as those removed from the legitimate economy seek less-legitimate avenues in the informal or shadow economy in order to survive. Corrections Recidivism How successful are Prisons in rehabilitating criminals? Not VERY! Three-fourths of the released criminals are re-arrested within four years. Recidivism refers to ex-offenders who are arrested for another criminal offense once they have been released from jail. Death Penalty and Homicide Rates Do states that have the death penalty have lowered homicide rates? NO! There is no difference between the states that execute and those that do not. The following material explores four philosophies regarding corrections. Why do we put people in prison? What are our goals of incarcerating people?...
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