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Deviance and Social Control

Deviance and Social Control - of Deviance Negative effects...

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Deviance and Social Control Section one Deviance – behavior that departs from societal or group norms. Negative Deviance – behavior that fails to meet accepted norms. Positive deviance – overconformity to norms – perfectionism. To be considered deviant by society one must violate one or more of society’s significant social norms. Society tries to punish, control and/or change the deviants behavior. Social Control – how society promotes conformity. Internal – “I vs. Me” in socialization. An individual does or does not do something because he/she knows it is wrong. Intrinsic value . External – not all people have internalized society’s values. Sanctions are used to encourage conformity. Positive sanctions—awards, raises, smiles and Negative sanctions – criticism, fines, imprisonment. Sanctions can be formal or informal. Section two Functionalism and Deviance Costs and Benefits of Deviance
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Unformatted text preview: of Deviance Negative effects – Deviance erodes trust. A society with widespread suspicion and distrust cannot function smoothly. Deviance can cause nonconforming behavior in others. Deviance stimulates more deviance in others – both in reaction to the deviance, as well as providing a model behavior. Deviance is expensive – It diverts resources that could be utilized in other ways. (More police vs. more roads). Can deviance have positive effects? – deviance clarifies norms – the reaction to deviance shows other members of society how society expects them to act. Safety valve – minor deviance can be used to alleviate pressure from authority especially in teens. Ex. Dress, music , hair, etc. Deviance increases unity within a group or nation – It can remind people of what they value Deviance can promote needed social change – women’s suffrage, prison riots, civil rights movement....
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