Deviance and Social Control

Deviance and Social Control - of Deviance Negative effects...

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Deviance and Social Control Section one Deviance – behavior that departs from societal or group norms. Negative Deviance – behavior that fails to meet accepted norms. Positive deviance – overconformity to norms – perfectionism. To be considered deviant by society one must violate one or more of society’s significant social norms. Society tries to punish, control and/or change the deviants behavior. Social Control – how society promotes conformity. Internal – “I vs. Me” in socialization. An individual does or does not do something because he/she knows it is wrong. Intrinsic value . External – not all people have internalized society’s values. Sanctions are used to encourage conformity. Positive sanctions—awards, raises, smiles and Negative sanctions – criticism, fines, imprisonment. Sanctions can be formal or informal. Section two Functionalism and Deviance Costs and Benefits
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Unformatted text preview: of Deviance Negative effects Deviance erodes trust. A society with widespread suspicion and distrust cannot function smoothly. Deviance can cause nonconforming behavior in others. Deviance stimulates more deviance in others both in reaction to the deviance, as well as providing a model behavior. Deviance is expensive It diverts resources that could be utilized in other ways. (More police vs. more roads). Can deviance have positive effects? deviance clarifies norms the reaction to deviance shows other members of society how society expects them to act. Safety valve minor deviance can be used to alleviate pressure from authority especially in teens. Ex. Dress, music , hair, etc. Deviance increases unity within a group or nation It can remind people of what they value Deviance can promote needed social change womens suffrage, prison riots, civil rights movement....
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