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Differential Access Differential access means that men have greater access to the labor market than do women . Differential access does not explain the entire problem, however. Women earn less than men even on jobs where all other qualifications are held constant. Women Enter the Labor Market with Lower Paying Jobs Three issues are dealt with regarding institutional discrimination. The first item notes that women enter the labor market at different and lower paying levels than do men . Historically, men were doctors while women were nurses; men taught in college while women taught in primary schools; men worked construction while women were secretaries; men worked in the automobile and steel industries while women worked in apparels and textiles. In each of the above comparisons men are employed in sectors that pay higher wages and than women in the respective sectors. Women Enter the Labor Market Later than Men and Periodically Have to
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Unformatted text preview: Leave. A second observation notes that women enter the labor market later than men and periodically have to leave . The explanation is obvious. Women enter the labor market later than men and periodically leave to have children . Childbearing is obviously a necessary social endeavor. The labor market and society overall would cease to function if women did not leave the labor market to have children. Unfortunately society does not compensate women for this activity (and other domestic concerns) and it penalizes them in the labor market. One has difficulty arguing that an employee who has longevity on a job deserves raises while one who has a "spotty" work record does not. On the other hand, it is not especially difficult to see the inherent inequity in a system that penalizes women for essentially doing a good job (domestically) in an activity that is absolutely indispensable socially ....
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