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Discrimination - discrimination He suggested that there...

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Discrimination Discrimination is a behavior (an action), particularly with reference to unequal treatment of people because they are of a particular group whether it be racial, ethnic, religious, or gender. 3. The Relationship between Prejudice and Discrimination Prejudice (an attitude) and discrimination (a behavior) are related concepts but one does not automatically mean that the other is present. Some argue that prejudice occurs as a justification for discrimination. They argue, citing the slave trade, that people cannot brutalize their peers. On the other hand, masters had to brutalize their slaves. In order to rationalize inhuman behavior toward humans, the master would believe an ideology which suggested that the slave was inferior and, therefore, domination was justified. Robert Merton developed a typology which compared prejudice to
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Unformatted text preview: discrimination. He suggested that there were four possible combinations. a. The Prejudiced Discriminator This group would include the KKK who is both prejudiced and who discriminates. b. The Unprejudiced Nondiscriminator This person accepts ethnic and racial groups as equals in theory and practice. c. The Unprejudiced Discriminator This person believes there is really no difference between races and ethnic groups, but still discriminates as a matter of convenience. d. The Prejudiced Nondiscriminator Merton describes this person as a closet bigot. They are prejudiced, but they do not openly discriminate. B. Sources of Prejudice The main drift of this section is the search for personality characteristics (a personality profile if you will) that would be predisposed toward prejudiced thought....
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