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Does it make sense? Finally, there is also an implicit fourth condition. The causal relationship has to make sense or fit within a theoretical framework (Henslin, 1999:131). Validity and Reliability Validity exists when concepts and their measurement accurately represent what they claim to represent while reliability is the extent to which findings are consistent with different studies of the same thing or with the same study over time. Methods of Gathering Data Weber suggested that sociology needs several methods of investigation. The following material provides various benefits and problems associated with four methods of gathering data. Case Studies (field study) 1. Description Case studies (or field studies) explore social life in its natural
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Unformatted text preview: setting, observing and interviewing people where they live, work, and play (Kendall, 1998:25). 2. Advantages • Its advantages are that the researcher can study individuals in their natural setting (e.g., at home, at work, playing, etc.). Case studies provided volumes of information such that at the end of the study the researcher has a thorough understanding of the individuals involved in the study. 3. Disadvantages • Drawbacks to the case study include the fact that social scientists cannot usually investigate many cases because of time constraints. Another problem with the case study is that the results may not be generalizable to the population at large....
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