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Early European Contacts • The Native Americans have been misunderstood and ill treated by their conquerors for several centuries. The European immigrants who followed Christopher Columbus did not understand the native people any more than the Native Americans comprehended their invaders. But the Europeans had superior weaponry, and the diseases they brought wiped out huge numbers of indigenous people. Thus, it was the mistakes and misunderstandings of the English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese that prevailed. • The first explorers of the Western Hemisphere came long before Columbus and Leif Eriksson. Native Americans are believed to have migrated to North America from Asia 10,000 to 35,000 years prior to white settlers. The ancestors of today’s Native Americans were hunters in search of wild game, including mammoths and long-horned bison. For thousands of years, these people spread through the Western Hemisphere, adapting to its many physical environments. • Columbus commented in his diary, “It appears to me that the people [of the New World] are
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