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Elder Abuse and Victimization

Elder Abuse and Victimization - • Media exposure and...

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Elder Abuse and Victimization • Although abuse may take place in private homes by family members, the elderly are particularly vulnerable to abuse when they are institutionalized in nursing homes. • A 1989 federal report entitled “Board and Care Homes in America: A National Tragedy” details the investigation of facilities for the elderly. Researchers interviewed residents, visited facilities, and collected data on homes in nine states. The result was a list of 18 categories of victimization, including preventable deaths, negligence, overmedication and sedation, poor sanitary conditions, lack of medical care, mail censorship, restriction of movement, inadequate staff, safety violations, inadequate diets, theft of personal funds, and life insurance fraud. The study also cited evidence of sexual and physical abuse.
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Unformatted text preview: • Media exposure and heightened social awareness of such conditions and practices led to the definition of abused institutionalized elderly as a social problem and the passage of the 1990 Nursing Home Reform Act. Dealing with Death • Euthanasia – the deliberate taking of an individual’s life at his or her request. This issue has received nationwide attention in reference to Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who has been involved in over 30 physician-assisted suicides at the patient’s request.- 10,000 people in the U.S. are in a permanent “vegetative state.” Thousands face terminal illnesses that will cause horrible suffering.- The Supreme Court has ruled that state law will apply in regard to euthanasia. As of 1998, only Oregon recognizes the right of physician-assisted suicide with its Death with Dignity Act....
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