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Ethnocentrism – Judging other cultures by the standards of one’s own culture. “My region or country is better than any other one”. Advantages – people feel good about selves, Stability is promoted. Disadvantages – can become to rigid, can prevent change for the better, tend not to produce anything new. Can create extremes in racism (Hitler). Cultural Universals – seventy traits identified by sociologists that are shared by all cultures. Ex. Sports, marriage, education etc. Cultural particulars – how different cultures express universals. Ex child care The Importance of Socialization Section 1 – Socialization and Personality Socialization is the cultural process of learning to participate in group life.
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Unformatted text preview: All aspects of social life are not natural but learned through socialization. It begins at birth and continues through life. Harry Harlow and Rhesus monkeys Showed the negative effects of social isolation. Monkeys were deprived of mother – exposed to either terry cloth model or wire model – went to soft “mother” for comfort even over food . Showed that infant monkeys need intimacy, warmth, physical contact and comfort. Monkeys raised in isolation became upset, were apathetic and withdrawn, were hostile – as mothers they often rejected their own children. Case evidence with humans who were neglected shows that neglected babies have difficulty forming emotional ties with others. (Anna, Isabelle, Genie)...
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