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Example - applied all seven categories in the past 220...

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Example: The Trail of Tears of the Cherokee Nation Example: The Serbian campaign of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo G. Continued Subjugation Continued subjugation occurs when the majority group actively engages in the oppression of a minority group. Example: Saddam Hussein attempted to oppress the Kurds thorough violence and intimidation. H. Extermination -- Genocide Genocide is the systematic annihilation of racial, ethnic, or religious groups. It generally requires the cooperation of ordinary citizens. Hitler engaged in genocide against the Jews. Note that these are not mutually exclusive categories. The United States, for example, have
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Unformatted text preview: applied all seven categories in the past 220 years. VI. Prejudice and Discrimination A. Definitions 1. Prejudice Prejudice refers to a positive or a negative attitude or belief directed toward certain people based on their membership in a particular group. The root word of prejudice is "pre-judge." a. The Wallonians The Wallonians are mythical people used to test prejudice. b. The Bogardus Scale The Bogardus Scale is a social distance scale. It does not measure discrimination. Rather, it measures the amount of space that people prefer to keep with other groups...
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