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Expulsion Expulsion refers to the process where a dominant group forces a specific subordinate group to leave certain areas or even vacate a country. European colonial powers in North America and eventually the U.S. government itself drove almost all Native Americans out of their tribal lands and into unfamiliar territory. In 1979, Vietnam expelled nearly 1 million ethnic Chinese from the country, partly as a result of centuries of hostility between the two Asian neighbors. The expulsion of the Chinese meant that they were uprooted and became a new minority group in many nations, including Australia, France, the United States, and Canada. Secession A group ceases to be a subordinate group when it secedes to form a new nation or moves to an already established nation, where it becomes dominant. For example, after Great Britain withdrew from Palestine, Jewish people achieved a dominant position in 1948, attracting Jews throughout the world to the new state of Israel. Similarly, the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Armenian peoples all seceded to form
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