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F - In fact informal interaction within a bureaucracy...

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F. The Informal Structure of Bureaucracy 1. Impersonality: Bureaucracies are a system of offices , not people. People only fill positions. 2. Bureaucracies are a hierarchy of offices . There are always superiors with clearly defined authority. Henslin (1999:171) notes that assignments flow downward and accountability flows upward. 3. A Division of Labor: Each member has specific tasks to fulfill and all the tasks are coordinated to fulfill the purpose of the organization. 4. Written Rules: Explicit rules govern the offices. 5. Written Communication and Records : Bureaucracies carry all business out in writing. Bureaucracies do not do a very good job handling unusual situations . A peculiar characteristic of formal organization is the creation of informal patterns of communication within the formal organization. The informal network helps in organizational coherence when the organization encounters unusual situations
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Unformatted text preview: . In fact, informal interaction within a bureaucracy actually makes the bureaucracy more efficient! Sometimes the informal networks become more important than the formal organization. Often formal rules are "bent" to adjust to "real" situations. Informal interaction may become necessary because the formal organization becomes inefficient and cannot perform its assigned tasks. Example: When the Doctor Does not Arrive on Time In a hospital labor and delivery ward, the doctor (MD) is in charge of delivering babies. Sometimes the MD does not arrive on time and the nurse has to perform the doctor's duties. The nurse's actions technically violates the formal rules of the hospital. The consequences of not violating those rules, however, are obviously catastrophic....
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