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Features of Organizations • Rationalization replaces superstition • Allows society to accommodate large numbers of people • People determine a goal and a means to attain it • Logical assessment of most efficient means to achieve goal Features of Organizations • Bonda culture is traditional – Respectful of spirits who live in trees and plants – Trees, plants, and animals possess souls – Science and technology Trees are seen in value-rational fashion Trees are food, wood, rubber, quinine and other things Things are seen as a “means to ends” McDonaldization of Society • Principles of fast-food industry dominate more sectors of society • Efficiency --allow customers to get full quick--sick to healthy, empty to full • Quantification and calculation --evaluate service in numerical factors--college degree in 19 months
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Unformatted text preview: McDonaldization of Society Control --producing and acquiring the service is planned out in a specific time Iron cage of rationality --rational system is irrational--work requires little skill and people quit the jobs--work unrewarding Social trap --organizations and society are lead to a situation that is lethal or unpleasant--nuclear arms race McDonalds handles 17.2 billion customers each year Iron cage of rationalitydescribes the irrationalities generated by rational systems Jobs are so easy that a moron can do it But then the job is so boring causing high turnover McDonaldization of Society Social trap situation in which people and the organizations they have created lead them in a certain direction that later proves to be lethal or unpleasant This situation is common in a vast organization that is spread all over the world Features of Organizations...
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