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Forms of Discrimination

Forms of Discrimination - people institutional...

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Forms of Discrimination "Discrimination occurs when the dominant group regards itself as entitled to social advantages and uses its power to secure them at the expense of minority groups" (Robertson, 1989:204). There are two forms of discrimination. 1. Personal Personal discrimination occurs when one member in society treats another group in society differently based on some criteria based on race or ethnicity. 2. Legal Robertson (1989:204) provides a formal definition of legal discrimination. He contends that legal discrimination is "unequal treatment, on the grounds of group membership, that is upheld by law." 3. Institutional Although legal discrimination in the U.S. has ended (in terms of racial and ethnic categories of
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Unformatted text preview: people), institutional discrimination remains a major barrier to social equality. Institutional discrimination refers to unequal treatment that is entrenched in social institutions. One example would be segregated housing. Another idea here would be the concept of blocked opportunities. VII. Women as Minorities A. Women are like other minorities in that. .. 1. Women lack power relative to men. They do not hold high position and have fewer resources. 2. Women lack privilege relative to men 3. Women lack prestige 4. Women are also developing a consciousness of themselves as a separate category of people with common interests. They are beginning to work together to achieve common goals....
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