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Fusion - superficial signs of fusion(e.g a cuisine that...

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Fusion (A + B + C = D) Fusion occurs when a minority and a majority group combine to form a new group. Theoretically, fusion does not entail intermarriage, but it is very similar to amalgamation, or the process by which a dominant group and a subordinate group combine through intermarriage into a new people. This concept is expressed in the notion of a human melting pot , in which diverse racial or ethnic groups form a new creation, a new cultural identity. This idea, which became popular in the US in the early twentieth century, implied that the new group would represent only the best qualities and attributes of the different cultures contributing to it. It is a mistake to think of the United States as an ethnic mixing bowl. Although there are
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Unformatted text preview: superficial signs of fusion (e.g., a cuisine that includes spaghetti), most contributions of subordinate groups are ignored. Marriage patterns indicate the resistance to fusion. People are generally unwilling to marry out of their own ethnic, religious, and racial groups. Surveys show that 20 to 50 percent of various White ethnic groups report single ancestry. There is only modest evidence of a fusion of races in the United States. Racial intermarriage has been increasing, and the number of interracial couples immigrating to the United States has also grown. In 1980, there were 167,000 Black-White couples, but by 2000 there were 363,000. Nevertheless, interracial couples still account for only 2 to 3 percent of all married couples....
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