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G - from them Also at the bottom of organizations...

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G. Dysfunction of Bureaucracy Goal Displacement Once created, society cannot easily undo bureaucracies. Some times bureaucracy takes on a life of its own. Once a task is completed, it seeks new goals (See Henslin, 1999:174-177). Example: March of Dimes shifted it focus from raising funs to combat polio to raising funds for birth defects research. Self-serving Bureaucrats Superiors act to keep their positions. The goals of bureaucrats become self-survival and self-serving. Loss of Initiative Bureaucrats become secure in their position and lose their initiative . Alienation (bureaucratic) Bureaucrats also lose their initiative because so much of their free-choice is taken away
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Unformatted text preview: from them. Also at the bottom of organizations , bureaucracies induce a sense of powerlessness and low moral for people who work in the bureaucracy and for those individuals receiving the service. Example: when one is at a job and they feel they are viewed as an object rather than a person is experiencing alienation. Example: From a Marxian sense, alienation refers to the experience of being cut off from the product of a person's labor resulting in feelings of powerlessness and normlessness....
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