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Gender Inequality - insurance(health Historically many...

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Gender Inequality Believers in biological determinism (section 1) are considered to be a moral threat because it is used to rationalize unfair (racist and/or sexist) treatment by saying some people are naturally inferior to others. Sexism – a set of beliefs, attitudes, norms, and values used to justify gender inequality. Occupational and Economic Inequality – Women now represent 46% of the work force, but are concentrated in lower status occupations. “Pink collar” jobs are virtually all held by women and they are paid lower wages than comparable “blue collar” jobs held by men. Women typically earn $.74 for every $1 men make (1997) which is better than in 1980 when women earned $.60 for each $1 men made. Legal and Political Inequality – Some laws show a bias against women’s rights, including
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Unformatted text preview: insurance (health). Historically many states have limited what women could do. Title VII in the 1964 Civil Rights Act made these actions illegal. Family Medical Leave Act (1993) allows people up to 12 weeks unpaid leave to care for others after birth, adoption, or medical emergency. Since women are more likely to take this leave it can lead to hiring discrimination by employers who do not wish to employ those who may take the leave. Title IX – has allowed women to participate equally in sports and extra curricular activities at schools and Universities. Led to an unprecedented growth in girls and women in sports Women hold 15% of positions in the House of Representatives, and 14% of Senate in 2005....
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