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I vs. Me – the first reaction of the self comes from the “I”, what we want to do; the second reaction looks at the reaction of others to the “me”, how others will react to my actions. When people act unpredictably the I is in control. Section 3 – Agents of Socialization The Family and socialization – a child does not select who socializes him or her. The family teaches a child how to: Think and speak Learn norms, beliefs and values Acquire a self-image The family’s social class shapes what we think of ourselves and how others treat us. Socialization in schools – a child develops impersonal relationships for the first time Rewards and punishments are based on performance rather than affection
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Unformatted text preview: Feelings of loyalty to something beyond the family are created. Hidden Curriculum aspects of culture taught to students so they can succeed in life. Students are taught to value discipline, order, cooperation, and conformity things that are necessary to succeed at work. (Compare to the past rote learning v. group work). (Private schools v. public school). Time may be more important than what is learned bells tell us when to move on, not whether or not something was learned. School separates students from the adult world therefore students depend on each other for their social life....
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