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I. Concepts gender stratification Gender stratification, cuts across all aspects of social life, cuts across all social classes, and refers to men and women's unequal access to power, prestige, and property on the basis of their sex. sexual harassment Sexual harassment refers to unwanted sexual comments, touches, looks, or pressure to have sex (Henslin, 1999:301). gender Gender refers to behavioral differences between males and females that are culturally based and socially learned (Appelbaum & Chambliss, 1997:218). Henslin (1999) argues that in every society, the primary division between people is based on gender. sex Kendall (1998:68) defines sex as the biological difference between men and women. It's the first label we receive in life. What is Sexual Orientation? Sexual Orientation refers to a preference for emotional-sexual relationships with individuals of the same sex (homosexuality), the opposite sex (heterosexuality), or both (bisexuality) (Kendall, 1998:113). sexism Kendall (1998:67) describes sexism as the subordination of one sex, usually
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Unformatted text preview: female, on the basis of the assumed superiority of the other sex. An example of sexism is the statement "a woman's place is in the home." Feminism Feminism is both the belief that social equality should exist between the sexes and the social movement aimed at achieving that goal. Feminism is based on the philosophy that biology is not destiny. Patriarchy Patriarchy refers to a society or group in which men have power over women. Origins of Patriarchy Henslin (2008:262) contends that patriarchy is tied to the "social consequences of reproduction." He notes that historically, life was short which required the production of many babies. This fact had serious consequences for women because only women could become pregnant, carry a child, give birth and nurse children. Henslin (2008:262) suggests that because women of child care duties, women "assumed tasks associated with home and child care."...
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