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Imagination - – Makes us aware of marginal...

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Imagination • From classical article written by C. Wright Mills • Understanding that social situations maybe a product of society and not fully in the control of the individuality • Ability to see our own life and that of others as part of a larger human drama Sociological Consciousness • Institutions— stable and predicable arrangements among people • Makes us aware of facts of truth • Helps us to see the difference between the real and ideal – Why do people get married, value of education, what democracy really means
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Unformatted text preview: – Makes us aware of marginal people-homeless Trouble vs Issues • Troubles are private matters – Like personal motivation – Loss of a job – Family problems • Issues are public matters – Things beyond an individuals control – Unemployment • See the connection between the two Structure of Opportunities • Chances available in society to achieve a valued goal • What society has offer a person • Whether one lives in war or peace • Family and societal opportunities...
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