Importance of Global Perspective

Importance of Global Perspective - • Average workers in...

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Importance of Global Perspective • Global themes help us to appreciate how an action in one part of the world affect people in another • American can refer to people in Brazil or Canada • Sociology helps us understand global interdependence Why Study Sociology • There are many job opportunities • Social services, corrections, business, health, publishing, journalism, public relations, government jobs and teaching • The concepts and sociological perspective are important to people in all kinds of fields Mexico used as a focus • 1,952 border with U. S. • 2,800 Maquiladoras plants with 1 million workers – 40% are U.S. owned – Americans know little about the country – Major source of cheap labor
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Unformatted text preview: • Average workers in Mexico get $2.48 an hour – About 4,500 U.S. plants closed due to labor transfer – Each country has benefits and losses Mexico • Major trend is the transfer of labor-intensive manufacturing out of the U.S. to labor abundant countries • Sociological theories and research will help us to understand the impact of the labor transfer – A theory is a set of principles and definitions that tell how societies operate – Research is fact-gathering and fact-explaining Theoretical Perspectives • Theory –framework used to comprehend and explain events – Model used to explain something – Also called a paradigm • Theories inspire research – Facts generated through research are meaningless without theory to interpret them...
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