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Incapacitation - give them a chance to become law-abiding...

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Incapacitation This philosophy seeks to prevent the offender from committing further crimes. Some criminals are seen as not being responsible for their actions. None-the-less ordinary citizens do not want them on the streets. Mental illness is sometimes seen as an explanation for criminal behavior . Often mentally ill are not sent to prison, but are still "incapacitated" in hospitals or similar institutions. Rehabilitation Rehabilitation involves teaching inmates silks and trades that will, hopefully,
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Unformatted text preview: give them a chance to become law-abiding citizens once they are released from prison . The correction system might "serve to reform the offender by providing skills and attitudes that make return to a law-abiding life possible" (Robertson, 1989:129). Reiman (1998) argues that our criminal justice system fails if we release people, who have paid for their crime, with so legitimate skills. The ex-felon is likely to return to crime with no other legitimate options at his or her disposal....
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