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Innovation Innovation is the process of introducing an idea or object that is new to culture. There are two forms of innovation: discovery and invention. C. Diffusion Sociologists use the term diffusion to refer to the process by which a cultural item is spread from group to group or society to society. Cultures learn from one another. Diffusion can occur through a variety of means, among them exploration, military conquest, missionary
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Unformatted text preview: Henslin (2004:51) contends that when groups make contact with one another, they most often exchange nonmaterial culture. D. Cultural Leveling Henslin (2004:51) uses cultural leveling to describe a situation in which cultures become similar to one another as a result of travel and communication. The fact that one can find a McDonalds or a Coke nearly every where in the world is an example of cultural leveling....
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