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Israel the Nation - n Flags rocks graffiti strikes boycotts...

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Israel the Nation n 11-29-47 UN partitions Palestine n May 14, 1948 Israel proclaimed n Arab armies from Egypt, Syria, Jordan,Lebanon and Iraq attacked Israel and lost to the Jews n Palestine ceased to exist and about 350,000 exiles fled n Today 4.1 million Palestinian refugees Israel the Nation n 1.3 million Palestinians live in Israel n Israelis fought 6 wars with Arabs n Palestinians in 1987 started an “ intifada” n To fight occupation by using Molotov cocktails n Flags, rocks, graffiti, strikes boycotts and barricades
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Unformatted text preview: n Flags, rocks, graffiti, strikes boycotts and barricades Israel the Nation n Israelis responded with gunfire, deportations, imprisonment n Curfews and school closures n End of Cold War brought the sides together n September 13, 1993 signed Declaration of Principles n Acknowledge the right of each other to exist Israel the Nation n No permanent peace settlement n Israel claims Jerusalem as it’s capital n Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as it’s capital n Israelis and Palestinians are locked in a suicide bombings and retaliations...
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