Jobless rates among African Americans are double those of whites

Jobless rates among African Americans are double those of whites

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Jobless rates among African Americans are double those of whites. Hidden unemployment – discouraged workers who have stopped looking for work, and part time workers who would prefer to work full time. 1/3 of African American teenagers are unemployed. Advances: African American professional and technical occupation holders has risen 128% since the 1960’s Political power – there are 8000 African American elected officials in the US – up 500% since 1970 Two black Americas may be emerging: a black middle class and a black underclass – unemployed people who have been poor for generations. Latinos Latinos are ethnic minorities from Latin America. By the early 21 st century Latinos will overtake African Americans as the largest minority group. There are significant differences between individual Latino groups. Educational levels vary greatly: Mexican Americans have the lowest levels of
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Unformatted text preview: educational achievement, Cuban Americans the highest. Latinos earn 65% of whites. Traditionally migrant workers in the US have been Latino, which leads to lowered educational achievement as well as lower income levels. Politically Latinos are slowly gaining power. Native Americans Over 500 tribes are in the US. Media and popular culture tends to view Native population as 1 big tribe with same interests and problems. On reservations over 1/2 of population is living below the poverty line, for Native Americans in general ¼ are below poverty line. Average income for Native Americans is $21,600, and they have little political power. Casinos have brought changes to tribal lifestyles, and have brought in billions in revenue...
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