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Men and Women of Knowledge In post industrial society ownership may not be the most important asset in the economy. Knowledge of how the system works may be more important. Status accrues to people with knowledge. Contradictory Class Locations Marx roughly divided society into two classes: the workers and the owners of production. He perceived these groups as having competing interests and not having much in common with one another. Erik Wright revised Marx's concept of social classes by suggesting that some people simultaneously occupying more than one class. He contends that such people occupy contradictory class positions. Many times people cross over. An individual can begin life as a worker and later on, become a capitalist. That
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Unformatted text preview: former worker surely has something in common with the people he used to work with . .. certainly much more so that the capitalist who never "works (see Henslin, 2004:199)." Analysis of Class: Max Weber How does one determine social class? Often social class is thought of in terms of money and/or wealth. For example, if one individual earns a million dollars per year while another individual earns $3,000 per year, the first individual generally occupies a higher social position. It's important to note, however, that social class does not have to refer to money and/or wealth exclusively. Drug dealers may have a lot of money, but they are not members of an upper class....
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