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Merton1 - – 2,800 in Mexico – 90 owned by U.S or...

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Merton’s Concepts • Four parts to functionalism • Manifest function --stated or obvious function of something--the intended, expected or recognized function • 4th of July celebrations-- – Marketing and public relations for city, family and friend’s meetings, and unifies community through a shared experience Maquiladoras--Functionalist • System was set up after World War II – Bracero Program to help employ Mexican workers during the war – Increased economic ties between the countries – Called the Border Industrialization Program (BIP) • To create jobs for returning Braceros • Give U.S. companies access to low wage workers • Fill jobs U.S. workers did not want • And give more jobs in the Mexican border cities Maquiladoras--Functionalist
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Unformatted text preview: – 2,800 in Mexico – 90% owned by U.S. or subsidiary company – Some are joint U. S./Mexican companies – Black and Decker, GTE, Kellogg, Singer, Ford, General Motors, Xerox and Westinghouse Maquiladoras--Functionalist • Program works this way: – Foreign companies ship tools, machinery, parts to Mexico (no tariff) – Workers finish products and ship them back – Only a charge on the cost of the worker’s wages – Mexican workers do labor-intensive work Merton’s Concepts • Latent function -unintended, unrecognized, unanticipated and unpredicted – The links between the two nations are obvious – 5 million per month people cross San Diego-Tijuana daily – Busiest land-border crossings in the world – The cities on the borders increase...
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