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n - release or appeal of their situation Suicide and Groups...

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n Durkheim noted 4 types of problamatic relationships n Egoistic—social ties are weak, being detached from the group like chronically ill n Altruistic—opposite of above—have no life of their own, the person will sacrifice their life for the group as in a military unit Suicide and Groups n Anomic-dramatic changes in economic situation—normlessness, the person is put into a higher or lower position causing personal confusion n Fatalistic-opposite of above because there is no hope of change with no chance for release or appeal of their situation
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Unformatted text preview: release or appeal of their situation Suicide and Groups n Suicide bombers are used in Israel n From 2002-2004 there were 29,000 attacks with one type being “no-escape” where the individual will be killed n Suicide bombers are called crimes against humanity n They are considered altruistic suicides Suicide and Groups n Approximately 75% of Palestinians support suicide bombers n Suicides are done to avenge the acts committed by Israelis n They are seen as a hero to the Palestinians n They are usually 17-23 years old and single...
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