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Peer group socialization – the only agency of socialization that is not controlled primarily by adults. Students can make decisions without being subordinate to adults. Norms of peer groups often conflict with those of adults. Students also develop close relationships with others including members of the opposite sex. By middle school students spend more time with their peers than they do with adults. Mass media and socialization— the media displays role models for children to imitate. The images presented are often distorted. Positives: children are taught values of the society – they see achievement and success, the work world, equality and democracy. Negatives: children witness far more violence on television (20,000 homicides witnessed by age 16). Watching aggressive behavior increases aggression. Section 4 Processes of Socialization.
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Unformatted text preview: Desocialization – the process by which people give up old norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors. Replace personal possessions with the same items everyone else has Using serial or other numbers to identify them Where does this happen (mental hospitals, cults, military life, sports teams?) Resocialization – people adopt new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors. Individuals are rewarded for taking on the new identity. Punishments such as isolation or physical punishment are provided for non-conformists. Anticipatory Socialization – a voluntary preparation for the acceptance of new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors. (Teenagers wanting to fit in in high school, or college.) Reference group – the group that is used to evaluate self and where new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors are acquired....
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