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Penalties For White

Penalties For White - Penalties For White-Collar Crime The...

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Penalties For White-Collar Crime The difference in how we respond to white-collar crime and "regular" crime is dramatic. If an individual shot and killed another individual with a hand gun, the death penalty would be considered. What happens when people are killed because a contractor uses substandard building material? Remember the Hyatt House disaster in Kansas City? As a result of differences in perceptions between white-collar crime and regular crime, the accident in Kansas City was seen as a misfortune while an individual who shoots another individual is seen as a murderer. White-collar criminals almost never go to jail. Former Vice President Spiro Agnew was never sentenced for bribery and tax evasion. President Nixon received a full pardon for his part in the planning of the Watergate burglary, as well as its cover up. Oliver North became a hero while acknowledging that he lied to Congress. Reagan vetoed the Ethics in Government Bill in November 1988. His
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