Prestige Ratings of Occupations

Prestige Ratings of - Revolutions however are rare compared to all political activity Two explanations seem to explain why revolutions are so rare

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Prestige Ratings of Occupations in the United States:(1972-1982) These are prestige ratings of 1 to 100 that average Americans gave to various occupations. Rank Occupation Score 1 Physician 82 2. College Professor 78 3. Judge 76 4. Lawyer 76 5. Physicist 74 6. Dentist 74 95 Waiter 20 96 Farm Laborer 18 97 Maid/Servant 18 98 Garbage Collector 17 99 Janitor 17 100 Shoe shiner 9 Source: Robertson, 1989:174 Maintaining Stratification The United States has great inequality (See L.I.S. Chart). How is it possible that such an unequal system can exist? Always, the majority are denied the wealth of a few.
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Unformatted text preview: Revolutions, however, are rare compared to all political activity. Two explanations seem to explain why revolutions are so rare. On one hand, the dominant class controls resources. On the other hand, there is wide spread belief that the rule of the upper class is legitimate. Marx notes that social institutions tend to reflect the will of the dominant class. This does not mean that the ruling class actually plots to control institutions....
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