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Problems with Common Sense

Problems with Common Sense - Problems with Common Sense a...

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Problems with Common Sense a. Our Experience is Limited We cannot possibly know everything everywhere. b. Our Interpretation of Experience is Biased Our minds play tricks on us. We are likely to see what we want to see. We are likely to look for easy explanations and we are likely to accept ideas of people that are attractive to us. Sociologists have dubbed this tendency the "halo effect ." Example: What is Suicide? When is a death suicide? If someone attempts to fake a suicide but actually succeeds in killing themselves, is their death suicide or accidental death? Example: Suicide in Religious Communities Some religious communities show a low suicide rate. Does this mean that people in these communities kill themselves at a lower rate? In some religions suicide is a mortal sin. Perhaps religious communities attempt to cover up suicides more than non religious communities. One explanation might be that suicide in religious communities would have more serious social impact on the survivors than it would in non religious communities.
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