Racial and Ethnic Relations

Racial and Ethnic Relations - Hitler and the Jews Japanese...

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Racial and Ethnic Relations Assimilation – the blending or fusing of minority groups into the dominant society. When a group is fully assimilated, its members are given full participation in all aspects of the society. Anglo-Conformity – incoming groups conform to traditional American institutions Melting pot or tossed salad? Melting Pot – all ethnic and racial minorities voluntarily blend together. Tossed Salad – traditions and cultures exist side by side. Cultural Pluralism immigrants desire to maintain at least some of the “old” ways. Accommodation – extreme cultural pluralism – a minority maintains its own culturally unique way of life. ( Amish, Cuban). Patterns of conflict between dominant and minority cultures Genocide – the systematic effort to destroy an entire population.
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Unformatted text preview: Hitler and the Jews Japanese and the Rape of Nanking (1937) Serbs and Muslims in Bosnia (1990s) Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda (1999-2001) Turks and Armenians in Ottoman Empire (1918) US and Philippines (1902) Population transfer a minority is forced either to move to a remote location or to leave entirely. US and Native Americans (1800s) Subjugation a denial of equal access to the culture and lifestyle of the larger society. De Jure segregation subjugation by law. (Southern lifestyle under Jim Crow, or Henry Fords practices). De Facto segregation Subjugation by custom. It is difficult to prove bias, so this is a very effective way of controlling a minority....
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