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Racism - Voluntary migration is not really a good...

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Racism Racism refers to attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors that favor one group over another. Racism involves an ideology (a belief structure) that explains racist beliefs. The minority group might be seen as biologically inferior and, therefore, practices involving their domination and exploitation are reasonable. Others may justify racist beliefs by citing scientific evidence. Regardless, a pervasive ideology (belief structure) exists to validate the unequal expectations held by the majority. III. Origins of Racial and Ethnic Minorities Typical explanations for the existence of minority groups would be like that presented in Charon (1985:379). They would include the following: A. Voluntary Migration
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Unformatted text preview: Voluntary migration is not really a good explanation by itself. Swedes and Germans do not experience minority status when they migrate to the US. B. Slave Transfer Slave transfer can surely account for minority status, but this is merely a specific form of the more general category called colonialism. C. Colonization Colonialism (or conquest) is the primary cause of racism (From Huaco's Social Theory notes: Fall, 1987) 1. A conquest occurs when one group conquers another culture. 2. The conquered are immediately placed at the lower end of society. 3. To justify the degraded position of the conquered, the conquerors learn to despise the conquered....
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