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Research on Pornography During the past three decades, two presidential commissions have examined pornography and reached contradictory conclusions. The 1970 U.S. Commission on Pornography and Obscenity found no conclusive links between pornography and sex crimes. In 1986, however, the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography (also known as the Meese Commission) concluded that pornography is dangerous, causes sex crimes, increases aggression in males, inspires sexism against women, and encourages pedophilia (i.e., adults engaging in sexual intercourse with children). Gloria Cowan and her colleagues found that more than 80% of X-rated films in one study included scenes showing women dominated and exploited by men. The vast majority of these films portrayed physical aggression against women, and about half explicitly depicted rape. However, sociologists do not agree on the extent to which pornographic images of violence and domination of one person
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Unformatted text preview: over another affects behavior. Perspectives on Pornography • There are a few main ways in which people seem to view pornography: According to the liberal point of view, pornography may offend some people but brings harmless pleasure to others. It may even serve as a safety valve for those who have no other sexual outlet. The social problem to liberals is not really pornography but censorship—people attempting to impose their moral on others and thereby violating First Amendment rights. From a conservative point of view, pornography is a threat to the moral values of society, especially family values. Pornography encourages people to have sexual intercourse outside marriage and to engage in deviant sexual behavior. Therefore sexually explicit and violent materials should be censored to protect families and societal values....
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